Meet Pierina

Pierina fights for the Bronx

Pierina fights for the Bronx

Pierina is an Afro-Dominicana, daughter of immigrants, and lifelong Bronxite, born in University Heights and raised in Kingsbridge. Pierina grew up watching the hard work of her elders – selling oranges, driving taxis, cleaning buildings and schools – to ensure her generation had a chance at higher education and opportunity.

From the White House to the community board, and from advocacy to City Hall – Pierina has been and will continue to be a fighter for immigrant families, racial justice, affordable housing and good jobs.

Pierina's First Year

In her first year, Pierina delivered. She brought back $30 million to upgrade our schools, build a new community center and begin the remediation of the Kingsbridge Armory. Her team served 3,000 neighbors directly in the office, and she passed legislation protecting tenants rights, women’s rights and our children.

Pierina’s running for re-election to continue the critical work of delivering for our community, help our families recover and rebuild from the Pandemic, and bring the Bronx back stronger.

On the issues

Pierina’s agenda is all about lifting up the resilience of our community.

  • community

    Reinvesting in Our Community

    Our people are our district’s greatest resource, we must cultivate each other for our mutual success.

  • education

    Education & Youth Justice

    Every child deserves access to a quality public education.

  • housing

    Housing is a Human Right

    Every one of us deserves to live in and even own a stable and healthy home.

  • opportunity

    Safe Communities through Opportunity

    Every family should feel safe in their neighborhood.

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